Helping Pharma Fail Faster
Accelerated drug discovery via cloud based pharmacological screening

A new way forward

Every day, tens of thousands of researchers work tirelessly to find cures for the World’s diseases. But, with only 20 new drugs making it to market each year, after nearly 15 years in development, there is a major bottleneck preventing potentially life saving drugs from being launched.

We want to accelerate research and discovery by giving researchers access to technologies that will empower them to save critical lead times when searching for the best drug candidates for clinical trials, and paving a way for more innovation and collaboration in the pharma industry.

ScienceBox allows for pharmocologists to submit unlimited lead compounds against a libraries of proteins, and access toxicity results in seconds... not weeks.



Reduce the number of failed tests and steps by virtually testing your lead compounds.


By virtually testing your lead compounds, you will end up with faster process, with more comprehensive tests.


By providing much cheaper solution than current techniques with possiblity of reducing failure cost by 83%.


Perform unlimited virtual screening tests, helping you focus on finding the right lead compund.

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